Structure of Kongo Zen

Kongo Zen is a discipline (Shugyo). Kongo Zen is both static and dynamic meditation. The static meditation is called Chinkon Gyo and the dynamic meditation is called Ekkin Gyo. Both structures (Chinkon Gyo and Ekkin Gyo) put together forms Kongo Zen.From this springs the “Santei Sampo nijugo kei” (Three Vessels, Three Systems, 25 branches).

Under Chinkon Gyo, the Vessel of Wisdom and Heart is trained in discipline. Under Ekkin Gyo, the Vessel of Body is primarily focused while Wisdom and Heart Vessels are contributory factors of such discipline. Thus we see that the three vessels are inseparable and interwoven. At no time they can be separated. From this springs the Characteristic called Ken Zen Ichinyo, meaning, mind and body are one and not two.