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Today, this organization and its training has reached India and is celebrating 20yrs since its return to India in 1988. Mr.Kirtie Kumar Futnani of Chennai, brought this art back after extensive training in Japan, Headquarters. His successor Mr.Maxwell Jude Anthony, is the current country head.

Currently the Kongozen Organization is celebrating 20th anniversary in India, with monthly workshops that commenced from October 2008. 'Go-Ju Ittai' is one of the six characteristics of Shorinji Kempo, and by conducting public workshops to dissiminate information on its training and teachings, the India organization helps by giving one in a lifetime opportunity for people to experience first hand the mechnaism of conflict and its remedial course.

The organization has taken its teachings to the Corporates as well. They have simple and effective training tools, fashioned after the pearly wisdom of ancient Indian culture, that helps the corporate lifestyle to balance Health, Vitality and more equipped to handle the pressures of Modern World.

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