• Doshin So

    Inception on Kongo Zen

    Kaiso Doshin So created an educational method to impart mental and physical training through which young people could gain self-confidence and courage as well as healthy and strong bodies.

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    Purpose of Kongo Zen

    Kongo Zen approach to life is not to do things perfectly but to do every action with all one’s heart, and live each moment to the full. Although the ideal is simple, it is not easy to attain.

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    Shorinji Kempo

    Shorinji Kempo is the discipline of Kongo Zen. Shorinji Kempo method and principles are overseen by the philosophy of Kongo Zen.

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    The word 'Zen' is the Indian word 'Dhyanam'; which is a practical method of self realization. Self realization is the science that India gifted to the world nearly 10,000 years ago.

Kongo Zen Inception

Kaiso Doshin So took the name Kongo Shin from the Zen name for the Nioson (Deva Kings who originated the art of Arahan no Ken in ancient India), he named the teaching Kongo Zen.


The main purpose of Kongo Zen practice is to discipline the mind and body. It is particularly designed to benefit the practitioner in three areas of life: self defense, spiritual development, and improved health.

Shorinji Kempo

Shorinji Kempo, the discipline of Kongo Zen, aims to develop the people who will help others. The qualities that will help you to do this with all your heart are bravery, motivation, intelligence, and a sense of what is right.